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Cambrian Mountain Lamb

Cambrian Mountain Lamb represents a group of farms in Mid Wales, which supply Welsh Lamb to the Co-operative Supermarket group across Wales.

Our lamb is extensively produced from native breeds in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid Wales. The hefted flocks are kept on Farm assured farms using the old Hafod a Hendre system. We manage our farms through using skills and knowledge that have passed down to us for many generations. One such tradition is the “cyfnewid” system of neighbouring farmers helping each other at certain times of the year such as shearing and Autumn gathering. With so much discussion about food miles recently we are fortunate to have the lambs born, bred and processed locally.

Hefted flocks
Hefted flocks are born or reared on the open hill with the sheep staying within a certain area through the year. This is essential on the open hill with no boundaries or fences to keep differing farm flocks apart.


Hafod a Hendre
The Hafod a Hendre system refers to the sheep grazing the hill during the summer months then returning to lower pastures during the winter months.

The Cambrian Mountains group came together under the AgrisgÔp programme. AgrisgÔp is an innovative management development programme with a difference that’s free for farmers and their families. Developed as part of Farming Connect, AgrisgÔp is run by the Welsh Assembly Government with European Social Fund support. The programme provides farmers with the opportunity to develop their skills, confidence, ideas and future pans for their businesses.

The AgrisgÔp programme is delivered throughout Wales by Menter a Busnes, who are responsible for bringing together approximately eight members to explore the future possibilities for themselves and their families. They may have a business idea, problem or opportunity, which they can discuss, develop or overcome.

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