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Green Information

Our Green Policy

Wern Growth Services Ltd. is a privately owned company set up to operate a 30 person bunkhouse in an environmentally sensitive area of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Its key impacts are:
- the immediate domestic impact of 30 people living on site
- the environmental impact of managing the customers access to the various sensitive wildlife sites in the area and encouraging appropriate use and behaviour
- Designing the building and environment to minimise biodiversity and environmental damage and maximise opportunities for improvement.

In order to achieve our aim of protecting the environment we shall conform to the following principles:

- Prevention of pollution
- Continual environmental improvement
- Comply with environmental legislation
- Continuing plan to restore site to prime environmental condition from previous chaotic state
- Carrying out voluntary action to be a demonstration site for biodiversity management and renewable energy microgeneration

Customer Charter

As part of our commitment to running a sustainable and Green Business we ask you to help! It would be helpful if you could:
• Use our recycling facilities as much as possible
• Switch off lights when you leave the room and the building
• Turn down the heating using the room thermostats rather than open all the windows
• Shop locally if at all possible
• Respect the local nature and farming – Follow the country code

Our Customer Charter

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Awaiting Grading GTBS

Green Information

To demonstrate our commitment to the enviroment we are beoming accredited by the Green Tourism Bussness scheme.

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