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The Monmouth features a large imposing tower with a large impressive wooden staircase. Your child will spend hours exploring the possibilities and playing with friends in the Tower. It makes an ideal Look-out point from which to survey the surrounding countryside for Indians on the war-path or rampaging Vikings! As the children grow and want more climbing opportunities, you can add additional modules.


Do you remember playing on a climbing frame when you were a child? We all know that climbing frames provided endless hours of fun, and our latest play centre products really do represent great value for money for parents who want to buy their children something quite special. The single Monmouth has been designed to provide a Playcentre for children of varied ages, as well as a strong base for adding more climbing features for older active children.


The prime differences between the Single Arundel and the Monmouth are the inclusion of a sturdy and attractive wooden staircase allowing easy access for very young children and a larger 90cm (3ft) x 120cm (4ft) enclosed platform. The tower provides access to the 3m (10ft) wavy green slide (the slide is raised at the end so that children land on their feet, not on their bottoms!), and the enclosed balustrades are perfect for creating an imaginary fort or castle.

Attached to one side of the tower is an 8 rung x 4 strand commando net, on the other the tall swing arm with two adjustable height wooden swings and climbing rope. Included within the tower base is a sandpit with seats (missing in this photo).

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